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What makes this book different? This book is NOT illustrated! 

It has been designed to encourage readers to develop their mind's eye. Readers can visualize the characters, dream up the setting, and imagine themselves reflected in the story. 

There are no formal chapters or page numbers for that matter! Instead, readers can focus on the interior of the book to remember where they may have left off based on a memorable font, a peculiar word, a text bubble or a page color. 

Colorful and captivating, Very Christmas is the perfect addition to an existing holiday tradition or an excellent way to begin a new one that will last all year long. Fun for the whole family, Very Christmas teaches us:

  • One person can make a difference at any age and any stage in their life

  • When something bad happens, we should look for opportunities to act

  • There’s no feeling quite like the one experienced when we give

  • We should exercise our imagination as often as we can

  • Caring for what we have creates a sense of responsibility and awareness

  • And much more!

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ISBN #978-0-9967696-1-7

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