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Christmas is a magical time for children. Especially when Christmas involves Santa Claus, and all the rituals leading up to his big night in the sky on Christmas Eve. Ava Buttons is a very organized little girl. Everything in her room is neat and tidy, a place for everything and everything in its place. There is order to everything she does and when she does it. So, when December arrives, December 1st to be precise, it’s time to write Santa that special letter, listing the things she wants most for Christmas. But Christmas isn’t only about receiving gifts. When Ava and all her friends, in fact every child in the world, receives their Santa letters, with a ‘return to sender’ stamp, they know something bad has happened to Santa Claus and Christmas may be canceled. The world’s richest man can’t even help Santa, so it’s up to the ever efficiently organized and creative thinker, Ava, to come up with a plan to save Christmas. In the process, children learn the true magic of Christmas. It’s not just about receiving gifts, but sharing and giving.

Simone Mets’ picture book story, Very Christmas, is a delightful tale that teaches young readers the power of giving and sharing. The characters are personable and well developed so that young readers can relate to them: the very neat Ava, her very messy brother, Bobby, the spoiled classmate, Rowdy, and many others. The plot develops with ease as the children in the story learn that their magical Christmas is threatened. The climax is Ava’s clever idea, the one that will teach her and all her friends and children everywhere the importance of giving and how magical and special that can be. The book is colorfully illustrated and the text is written in all kinds of different font styles as if it were written by a child. Everything about this book speaks of the true magic of Christmas.
— Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite
Simone Mets sent me a copy of her manuscript for ‘Very Christmas’ a few months ago and asked me to let her know if I thought there was hope for her as a writer after reading it. I read it. There wasn’t hope. There was CERTAINTY. What a wonderful story by a truly gifted newcomer to the YA space. I’ve written, read and edited a lot of text in my time. This. Book. Is. GOOD.
— Greg Levin, author
I absolutely loved it, I want to be a kid again! honestly its magical! So Christmassy and warming. The characters are so sweet as well. it got me all emotional!
— Antonia
I just finished reading it and I got goosebumps. No tears. Just a good warm happy feeling. I was wondering what the ‘very’ was all about, but obviously I get it. Great stuff. Honest. I could see reading this story to my grandchild.
— Chris
I thought The Polar Express was my all time favourite children’s Christmas story - its now my second best!
— Brenda
I loved it! It is a cute story with life lessons that children will understand...
— Catherine
An enchanting book - and just in time for Christmas! Ava Buttons will be the Mary Poppins of the 21st century!
— Beverly
This very very very well crafted story is a page turner, even for grown-ups! Simone Mets is clearly “unstumpable”, because just when you think there couldn’t possibly be a unique Christmas story left to tell, she manages to capture the true spirit of Christmas in new and vivid way. I will share this story with all the children (and adults) in my life and refer to it over and over again whenever I encounter a need for this important lesson to be revisited. I am inspired and uplifted!
— Arian
I LOVE this book. The story, artwork, layout, design and message are fabulous. I can’t wait to give this to the younger members of my family, adding a new story to our bedtime reading tradition. Great Christmas gift idea.
— Audrey
Very Christmas, conveys a really important message: persevere, never give up, be unstumpable! Reading Very Christmas to your child is a wonderful way to start teaching him/her about the value or resilience. Make some hot chocolate, cuddle up on the couch and enter Mets’ world. You will be happy you did!
— Amy
What a lovely story! I finished reading it and I want to go back and read it again. It is a great story for all ages so I am adding this to my Christmas list for the kids and adults.
— Cathi
“Very Christmas” was a great complement to the gifts I sent to my Nephew in Germany. My Nephew just turned 10 and started learning English at school. I decided to read the book before shipping it and I truly enjoyed it even as an adult. The story was delightful, fun to read, and inspiring. I loved the illustrations…so colorful and happy.
— Jinous
Kids will love Ava Buttons and her delightful gang of friends who are determined to save Christmas. But Ava is also the perfect protagonist for any adult who’s distressed and disheartened by all the greed, avarice, cruelty and megalomania dominating the news these days.

Simone Mets has given us much more than just a beautifully written and illustrated holiday tale; she’s delivered a timely reminder of the power of kindness, generosity, compassion and friendship.
— Reader from Michigan
The characters were vivid & the story spirited. I could taste the peppermint snowflakes & was blinded by flashing gold.
— Diane
The narrative captures with sublime awe the myth and magic of christmas. ‘Very Christmas’ is Christmas as pure fairy tale!
— Robin
This is truly a wonderful story. I love Christmas and everything about it. This book captures all of the magic.
— Maria
Its a charming story and beautifully presented.
— David
I only have two words for this book, loved it. When we all might forget, this story reminds us of the true meaning of the holidays. I am eager to share this book with my entire family and let them see they can be “unstumpable” too.
— Peter
A heartwarming story that reminds us that truly the best part of Christmas is giving and spreading love and joy. Ava Buttons had me captivated from the start with her positive, selfless attitude and determination to save Christmas for everyone around her. Simone Mets does an exceptional job creating a wonderful story that will have every reader, young or old feeling the magic and excitement of Christmas morning! This book will surely be a part of my holiday traditions for many years to come.
— Adam
Your story renews the beauty and feeling of Christmas and all of it’s hope and traditions as seen through the eyes of a bright and cheerful, young girl. She is kind, helpful, and empathetic. I’m going to pass this along to my girlfriends to read to their grandchildren, (though I must have it back by Christmas Eve) and ask them to date and sign it before returning it to me. What a great keepsake you have created!
— Ann-Michele
What a wonderful book, we’ve been anticipating it all fall and were so happy to get our hands on the printed and Kindle versions in time for holiday presents. I have a niece and nephew in Sweden that will get a very special gift this Christmas. I love that Ava Buttons will now be a part of their holiday tradition.
— Mary
I really enjoyed this book and I think it really draws on the traditional spirit of Christmas and about the joys of giving gifts as well as receiving them. The characters were good, the dialogue was easy to follow and the touches of adding in the different fonts instead of flooding the book with pictures is a great touch in my view. A really enjoyable Christmas read.
— Donna
The story is adorable. So magical and brings out human values. It is, in fact, the real Christmas spirit. Sweet and fascinating.
— Ilda Ribeiro - Portugal

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Wonderful. Moving. Perfect. I can’t remember being so moved by a story. Love every word.
— Paula
This book is destined to be a Christmas classic that children and parents will want to make a tradition to be read and treasured every year and passed down to the next generation! It harkens back to the books I read with my parents and brings to mind a kinder, gentler time. Simone Mets is has created a new literary franchise that will make us anxiously await new entries to get our reading fix.
— Janet
Loved it ..A down to earth book about children who aren’t selfish. This book makes you realize what Christmas is really about, it’s not about getting it’s about giving.
— Flo
VERY CHRISTMAS is a very very delightful, touching Christmas story that is bound to become a modern classic. You will laugh, you may shed a tear…but over all you will be infused with a warm and loving Christmas-y spirit, proud of Ava and her “Unstumpable” friends who save the day. Their generosity proves that the true meaning of the holiday is still alive and well. This wonderful story will inspire you and your family!
— Claudia
First, you are impressed by the packaging, then when you see how beautiful the illustrations are you know you must read it. I love the story, it sends such a much needed message in today’s world. I bought 2 and will be buying more, as I want all my grandchildren to have one to keep forever. This is a BEAUTIFUL book!
— Sharon
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! I think it is such a touching story for readers of all ages, delivering such a wonderful message that didn’t feel forced or laid on too thick. The main character, Ava is a great example of never giving up, facing adversity head on and remaining optimistic. I am recommending this as a great gift for the holidays and a great bedtime story with your kids. I really like how the length of this book gives you the option of committing to one enjoyable night of reading or you can spread it over days to be enjoyed over time and allow your child/all readers the anticipation of what will happen next. I especially loved how I couldn’t predict the ending either. Highly recommend!
— Meghan

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