Looking for an author appearance that goes beyond passive reading — one that brings the spirit of the story to life through engaging, interactive, educational activities?  

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2016 Annual School Visit

Tuesday & Wednesday, December 20th & 21st

~ Student workshops ~


Activity cards used during school visit

A note from second grade teacher,  Rachel Jamison from Denville, NJ


"This year, my second graders had the privilege of working with author, Simone Mets, and it was a truly amazing experience! Students learned about the writing process, how writers find ideas, and tips for making their writing come to life. In addition, they participated in hands-on activities and challenges that extended the message of her heartwarming book, Very Christmas. Simone’s approach is exciting, engaging, interactive, and informative. Most importantly, Simone teaches every child that he/she has a story to tell,…every child is a writer. From her grand entrance into our classroom in her glowing shoes, to the sprinkling of glittery fairy dust, Simone’s visit is a celebration of creativity, imagination, and storytelling. As teacher, all I needed to do was sit back and watch the magic unfold.                                                                            
After her visit, students couldn’t wait write, write, write! One of the things that makes Simone’s visit so unique is her engagement with the students. Whether in small groups or one-to-one, Simone took the time to connect with each of the students in my class. Her advice about writing, her emphasis on the importance of imagination, and her passion for sharing great stories made her visit the highlight of our year! "


Gallery of reviews and activities completed during school visits