This is the story of the unstumpable™ Mr. Cory – a 10 year old entrepreneur!

When he was only 9, Mr. Cory told his mother he was tired of taking the bus to school.  He dreamed big.  He wanted to buy a car for his mom. Then he gave it some thought and took action.  He started by selling hot cocoa at a local business and in front on his home.  Then he expanded his product line to include lemonade and cookies.  He was determined.   He wanted to dream bigger!  His customers loved his cookies but he wanted to do more.  His goal was to create an all-natural cookie.  With his mother’s help he tested recipe after recipe and tried lots of different ingredients.  Finally, one day, they taste-tested a cookie, and had a “voila!” moment – it was the perfect chocolate chip cookie.  It was delectable, and good for you – a smash hit!  

Mr. Cory’s positive attitude, big imagination and drive are the essential ingredients for his success.    He is unstumpable™!

For a special treat this holiday, pair Mr. Cory’s good-for-you-cookies with Very Christmas, an inspiring story fit for the entire family.   You too will want to be unstumpable! ™